Always right

March 15, 2011

Dear Jonas,
     You informed me the other night that Albert Einstein's first words were, "the soup is too hot".  "Really Jonas?  I don't think so," was my reply.  After we debated for awhile I decided to look it up on the Internet.

Ahem.  Apparently Albert Einstein didn't speak until he was four years old and his first words were, "the soup is too hot".  Must you always be right?  Just like your papa.  The only difference is that he's MUCH more humble when he's right and I'm wrong.  Hopefully that will come with age?

I'm glad you soak up knowledge like a sponge.  Mama


  1. uh, I think I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight...icky foot picture! love that kid

  2. Way to drive the point home with the graphic lesson! Totally something I would do! Maybe I should give the same hygiene lesson to some of my Young Women! Ha.