Spoiled Rotten

March 09, 2011

Dear husband,
     Sometimes (all the time?)  I'm truly amazed at how well you know me.  I don't even know myself as well as you do!  That sounds lame, but it's true.  You have this way of figuring people out, getting inside their head, probing around... and then poof!  You become an expert on all things Meshan.  How do you do that?!  It's kind of freaky.

In all seriousness, I feel very blessed to have a husband that is also my shrink.  You have this very calming effect on me and you always know just what to say to make my world a better place.

Remember when I was freaking out on our wedding day because we had spent all day driving around trying to find 'the tux' I wanted for you, but we never did so we were running late, I couldn't find my temple recommend, and my mom burned my veil?!  I put sunglasses on to cover my teary eyes, but when we got into the car you took them off and gently wiped my eyes and then you whispered magical words to me.  I don't remember what they were, but I do remember how they made me feel.  It was like a wave of calmness swept over me and I knew no matter what happened you would make it alright.

     For my birthday this year I told you I wanted a tent... so you bought me a tent.  We slept in it the first night we got it and then that weekend you set it up in the backyard and had a camp-out with the kids.

Since you got me the tent about a month early you said it would be for the family and you asked me what I really wanted for my birthday.  I smiled and told you a backpack, not really thinking you would get me another present.  You found an amazing deal online so you bought me one.  It's red.  You know I love red.

Diligently studying inside the tent.

I couldn't have been more happy with my gifts!  I LOVE hiking/camping.  Imagine my surprise on the day of my Birthday when you came home with two more gifts!  A bouquet of flowers and a coat.  Both were very "Meshany" and dreamy.  To top it all off you took me out to dinner for Sushi!

I'm thinking this jacket would look great with a skirt and boots.
If I had boots.  

Yes, I'm spoiled. Spoiled rotten.  I feel guilty about all the loot I got, but not guilty enough to take it back.  Since I am such a penny pinching, thrift store shopping miser these gifts were all the more pleasurable because I would have never bought them for myself (especially now, while you're in Pharmacy school, you naught boy).  Generosity must be in your genes.

Thank you a million times.  Love, Me


  1. cute jacket! and ummmm trey, i think she is hinting that she needs some boots to go with it!

  2. Ha! Britt, I totally wasn't. I sound really ungrateful don't I? He's actually tried to get me boots three different times, but the stars never aligned. I've wanted some for YEARS!

  3. you don't sound ungrateful:) and btw you totally deserve them. he's suppose to spoil you rotten. that's what good hubbies do. jeff is really good at it too.