Z is for Zebra!

Hello Preschool Parents!

This week your children learned about the letter 'Zz'.

Stetson was saying, "Look, I did it!"  

Circle Time:
  • My "x, y, z" Book by Jane Belk Moncure
  • Zoomer by Ned Young
  • Zoe's Sheep by Rose Bursik
  • The Jazz Fly by Matthew Gollub
  • Zoom by Robert Munsch
  • When Lulu went to the Zoo by Andy Ellis
Dancing to the Snazzy Jazz music!

Music & Movement:
  • We played 'Bumble Bee' tag and buzzed around like bees.
  • We danced to Snazzy Jazz music.
Dancing to the Snazzy Jazz music!

Ready Readers:
  • We practiced our flash cards and reading books.
  • We put puzzles together.  Did you know PUZZLES are excellent for beginning readers?  The brain uses the same thought process to put puzzles together as it does to put words together.  
  • We did a worksheet for our ABC books.

  • Zips crackers (like Ritz)
  • Cheez Itz
  • I let them play with their food (sorry)!  They took Pretzel sticks and made zigzag lines in jello and then ate it.  Mmm.
During free time.  Thayne said he's a king, but Nora
looks like she doesn't believe him!

Arts and Crafts:
  • We colored and cut out different animal pictures and the children had to decide if they belonged on a Farm or in a Zoo.
  • We made Zebras by gluing zebra print tissue paper onto a horse template (template found here).

Star Student:
Good job Matthew!!

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  1. So cute Meshan! Thank you for doing all that you do. My boys just love coming to school every morning and they sure love Mrs. Foutz! :)