Easter Goodness

April 25, 2011 12:21 am

Dear Children,
     We managed to have a good Easter even with the absence of our new Easter traditions and the man I love.  Since we were in Utah without Papa we had Easter morning at Mimi's house.  Before you checked out your goodies Papa called and we read scriptures and had family prayer over the phone.

Through a strange motion of events we ended up going to a Spanish Ward for church.  We stayed and partook of the sacrament and then quietly left to Aunt Markelle's for Easter Brunch.  After we ate the delicious meal she prepared for us we listened as Markelle told us about the true meaning of Easter through Resurrection Eggs.

All of my kids absolutely adore their cousin Jack.  At last night's wedding reception Clara, Nora and Jack danced the night away together.  How could you not adore this child?!

We had a quick Easter Egg hunt in the backyard before we hit the road back to Nevada.

Clara was in a bad mood because she couldn't find her shoes and she didn't want to run around the backyard barefoot because she was afraid of stepping in dog poop.  I never even saw any though.

Happy Easter!  Love, Mama

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