Road Trip

April 23, 2011 11:04 pm

Dear Children,
     This weekend we went here:

Salt Lake City, UT.

We went for a few reasons and one of them was to attend the marriage of Papa's cousin, Shea.  At the last minute Papa decided he shouldn't go to the wedding because he had too much studying to do so we went ahead without him.  It hurt my heart.  The temple sealing was in both Spanish and English since Shea was marrying a girl from Guatemala.  It was very good and something the sealer said really stuck with me.  He said that you're going to undoubtedly have arguments in your marriage and the only thing to do is just get over it because marriage is eternal and if you break your marital vows there will be eternal consequences.  So just get over it, okay?

Another reason we went to UT was to see Clara's artwork in a Museum.  That's right, I said a Museum baby.  The Friend Magazine held an art contest with the theme, "How the Gospel Blesses My Family" and children from around the world were encouraged to enter.  Clara's painting was chosen to be featured in the LDS Church History Museum so we stopped by to see it.

It took her about a month to complete because she was very particular.  She would paint something and not like it so then she would paint over it and start again.  I think it turned out really good!  She was just beaming when she saw it on the wall.  

Of course she was loving all the attention.

Something cool we noticed was that Clara's artwork was the background for the "Missionary Work" theme.  The two sister missionaries are Clara on the left and her friend, Lexin on the right.

There were hundreds of entries and only some were chosen to be featured in the Museum.

We hung out at the Museum for awhile and then we headed to the luncheon.

Mmm, delicioso!  You were all very well behaved and it was fun to see so many of the Ulibarri clan.

We were able to stay at Mimi's house and she helped you guys dye Easter eggs.  She also had pillow pets for everyone and animal banks to paint.  What a fun grandma!

Although it's been a good trip I'm ready to go home to my other half.
Besos, Mama


  1. That is so cool Clara!! Very awesome. Your littles are so adorable and are growing up so fast.

  2. wow! how neat for clara! we love art around here.

  3. you are one fast blogger sista! and can I just say that I think you are pretty cool. really, I'm glad we are sisters:) We loved spending time with you guys.

    aaaaand Clara's painting? awesome. she did a great job. I didn't see it so thanks for sharing!

  4. All of my grandchildren are awesome! Of the pictures I saw on the wall I think Clara's was the best. I saw Atticus was not that interested in taking pictures. It looked like he wanted to play in the water. Thanks again for sharing. I wish I could have been there. I hear Clara, Nora and Jackson were dancing the night away.

  5. Oh wow!! That would be so exciting to have your painting in a museum! Congratulations to Clara, what a great picture!

  6. what a darling blog - thanks for your comment.
    yeah, im pretty sure the hike is called red cliffs, its a trail just outside of la verkin. really fun and easy for the kids :)

    ps. i always wanted something of mine published in the friend. im sure your little girl will cherish that forever. how fun!

  7. That is so awesome Meshan! What a talented little girl that Clara is!

  8. So cool that Clara is on the wall! How fun! We went to SLC for spring break (without the papa too) and the boys had a great time! Such a fun place to visit.Love your photos.

  9. Good job Clara we wished we would've been able to see it!