Furniture Drama (Part 4)

Dear love,
    That's it.  I've about had it with "The Beast"!  I'm convinced she's cursed.

The last time I was glazing her I went in the house for a minute and when I came back to the garage I found almost the entire can of black glaze knocked over.  Standing in front of the mess with a look of shear terror on his face was the eight year old.  Augh!!  He had a soccer ball in his hands and It was pretty easy to figure out what happened.

I sprang into action and started scooping, mopping and scrubbing.  The eight year old was by my side the whole time, frantic to try and make amends.  Don't worry, I didn't beat him.

As you know, the drawers are being made and they were supposed to be done awhile ago.  I kept calling the furniture maker to see when they would be finished and he kept saying, a few more days, a few more days.  A few more days turned into two weeks.  When I brought them home and put them in "The Beast" three out of the four didn't fit!

Are you kidding me?!!  At first I was mad and frustrated, but having been down to Marc's Custom Upholstery four times now I've come to really enjoy those guys.  Marc and Socorro, my BFF's.

I'm finishing up the drawers and next week I'll finally be able to put Jonas' room back together.  Hooray!  This is the sad state it's currently in:

Yikes!  Thanks for being (semi)patient through this whole process.

XoOXxOxOo, Me

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