Mother's Day

May 14, 2012

Dear Family,

Thanks for the wonderful Mother's Day!

The night before Mother's Day I was presented with a list from my children of things they needed at the grocery store.

pancake mix
orange juice
spray cream

I asked them why they needed the items and they said it was to make me a Mother's Day breakfast.  With the husband being out of town I could just picture a huge mess that I would end up cleaning.  Yes, it would have been cute, but the stress didn't seem worth it.  So instead, I told the children that one of my favorite breakfasts is cereal with strawberries on top.  We already had milk and strawberries, but I let them pick out a box of cereal at the store.  They made me breakfast and even took care of  themselves.  Score.

Before we headed off to church I was presented with my Mother's Day gifts.  Jonas made me the same exact Mother's Day gift I gave my mom when I was in Mrs. Brummels class in 3rd grade, a wishing well.  Clara gave me a book of poems, and Nora and Atticus drew me pictures.  The sweetness!  

For lunch we were invited to join Stacie and Aaron's family.  See, I told you they're a blessing to me!  We had a most healthy and delicious meal, the kids played for awhile,  and then we took a quick picture for Mother's Day.  It's not great, but at least it's better than last years!

Right after lunch we hurried home so I could make preparations for a Mother's Day dinner that my two brothers and I were doing for Grandma Barb.  We planned on doing it outside, but it started to rain and we had to move everything into the garage because it was the only place we would all fit!

Shawn (my older brother) asked me to take some pictures of him for a project and I love this one:

After dinner we went to Grandma Livvy's house to deliver gifts to Trey's mom and grandma.  Cindy had a gift for me in return.  She got her two daughters and daughter-in-law a card and a skirt for Mother's Day.  How incredibly thoughtful!  

Following the gift exchange we headed to Gigi's house for dessert.  All the cousins and aunts and uncles were there.  Poor Gigi wasn't sure what was going on.  She kept asking why there were so many people at her house.  At one point in the evening someone mentioned Mother's Day in a conversation and Gigi said, "Oh, when is Mother's Day?".  :(  I love my Grandma and I'm thankful for her.

My darling husband wrote me a poem for Mother's Day, but he said it's too good and he doesn't want everyone to get jealous of his poetry skills so I can't publish it.  

Actually, it is rather fantastic and he does have mad poetry skills, but it's very mushy and sentimental so I'll keep it for myself.

Love, Me

P.S. I had NO IDEA how truly awesome the poem was until my hubby came home and deciphered some of it for me.  It's so DEEP and freakin AMAZING...  and mushy and sentimental so I'm still keeping it for myself. 

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