Gorham Scout Ranch

July 22, 2012

Dear Children,
What a fun evening we had last night!  I'm so grateful that the Millers live close by.  We went to their temporary home for the summer, Gorham Scout Ranch to see their new baby and hang out.  I took dinner for everyone since Aunt Annie just had her baby.  It somehow slipped my mind that we were going to be in the mountains, where it's cool, for the evening, when it's dark.  The Miller kids were kind enough to lend us some clothes.  Clara was sporting Lucy's cute, but way-too-small PJ top.

I love when the cousins get together to play.  The outfit Jonas has on is his doing.  His favorite style is plaid with plaid.  Rock it.

Malachi is a year younger than Atticus, but looks a year older!  Atticus was so pumped to ride horses until we got close to them and then he was a little freaked out.  He was pretty nervous when he first got on.

Right before this picture was taken Nora said, "Ah!  We can't both fit, I'm too chubby!" What the what?  Girlfriend, you are so not chubby.  Cute, yes.  Chubby, no.

After the little kids had a turn the big kids got to ride their own horses and follow Uncle Lincoln on a trail.  Clara was pumped.

Uncle Lincoln was trying to give Clara and Jonas riding lessons and it was hilarious.  I wish I had the video camera.  Jonas was bouncing all over the place and he nearly bounced right off his horse.  Seriously, so funny.  Clara, on the otherhand, took to it like a pro and was trotting all over the place.

This is Aunt Annie's kitchen.  She's amazing!  What a fun summer that her kids will hopefully remember forever.  I can't believe she roughed it for so long being nine months pregnant.  

I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the newest addition to the Miller Clan, baby Ashton.  He's a doll and I'll be sure and take one of him next time.  We're all smitten.

Love,  Mama

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