Restaurant Week

March 2, 2013

Dear love,
The other day you sent me a link to  Santa Fe Restaurant Week with the following text:

Ha!  I made reservations to four fancy (aka expensive) restaurants in one week.  Extravagant and so not like me, but my goodness it was grand!  We ended up only going to three because we started to feel a little excessive.  We decided two was fun, three daring, but four was just ridiculous.  

The first night we went to The Compound.  It had the most elegant decor, was the most expensive of the bunch, we dressed "fancy" for the occasion... and we both left a bit disappointed.  I had the best ever potato soup as a starter and Trey's dark chocolate dessert was delish, but the rest was only good; not exceptional like we had hoped.  

The next place we went to was Coyote Cafe.  Oh. My. Goodness!  I'm ready to make reservations for next year already.  It was very crowded and they told us we could sit up to the counter or wait for a seat on the floor so we opted for the counter.  Best decision ever.  We got to watch the chefs in action as they made their masterpieces.  The food was amazing and the "show" (watching the chefs) was incredible.  Two thumbs way up.

(Jonas has amazing photography skills)

The last restaurant we went to was Andiamo.  It was an Italian restaurant and it was very good, but Bernardone in Farmington is still my fave.   


Thanks for making me feel like a Queen and I can't wait for next year's Restaurant Week!

Love, Me

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