Birthday Lovin

March 06, 2013

Dear Love, Family, Kiddos, Friends, etc...
      My Birthday was nothing less than magical.  Seriously, it was amazing.  So, as you recall, Restaurant Week and a day on the mountain were already fantastic, but then today was the icing on the (cinnamon roll pan)cake.

I woke up to Trey making a delicious breakfast of Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.  Mmmm.  The night before my birthday he prepped it all, but wouldn't tell me what he had planned up his sleeve.  While he was prepping I hung my own Bday banner Annie made and put out the placemat to give everyone a little encouragement to celebrate me.  Hey, a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do.  It turns out, no encouragement was needed.  To be honest, Trey usually does way better than me with Holidays.

Jonas made me a punch card with 18 breakfast punches on it.  He loves pancakes and he's hoping to learn how to make them himself.  Clara made me a coupon for 4 free spa sessions.  Sonora made me a coupon to do 9 free jobs.  Woot!  This mama is gonna be spoiled for at least a month!

Clara even massaged my shoulders while I ate breakfast, the royal treatment I tell ya.

When I got to work I was beyond surprised to walk in to this:

My coworker, Nancilee had tied 24 balloons all over the room!  And then there were these goodies from sweet friends (Beth, Missy, and Nancilee) waiting for me:

After work I rushed to pick up my friend Bettie and off we went to soak at the pools of Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs and Resort Spa.  It's free on your Birthday!!

When I got home there was a package from my dad and Barb with three super cute shirts.  They were exactly my style.   What are the odds?  10,000 to 1 that's what.  Oh, and there was a package from my sweet Danika too.  She went to my Pinterest account and made me the cutest replica of something I pinned.

Thanks to all for a wonderful day.  I feel blessed and loved and special,

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