Wellness Tea

March 21, 2013

Dear love,
     I've been sick on and off for three weeks.  Yuck!  Last night you made me your own special brew of  "Wellness Tea".  I have no idea what all was in the concoction, but it tasted nasty and very strongly of cloves.  

As I was trying to be a good patient and drink it down I commented (in my most whiney voice), "But it tastes like clllloves.  I don't like cloves!  That's why I don't like pumpkin pie or cinnamon rolllllls!"  

You replied (in your most whiney voice), "Daddy, I want a golden goooose!"

Hmm, a little Veruca Salt action going on up in here.  I admit I was being a brat.  Thanks for still loving and taking care of me!

xoxo Me


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