Utah Valley

April 11, 2013

Dear Children,
What a lovely spring break we had.  No schedule, no soccer, NO HOMEWORK.  Yippee!

I took the four of you to visit Mimi and Brian in Utah by myself.  That's right; four kids, one mom, and a ten hour car ride.  I must say, you did great for the most part.  I have a little bribery trick that works wonders though so I'm sure that helped.  I had a small basket of candy with individually wrapped mini goodies (starburst, smarties) and every hour the basket got passed around.  If you were good then you got to pick a candy.  If not, well then, sorry Charlie.  Our DVD player broke so we had to rely on good ol' books to pass the time.

Jonas was fine with that.  Here's the stack he picked to take.

 Getting closer...

 ...ten hours and we're there!  Woot, just like that!

Mimi and Brian spoiled us rotten.  It seriously felt like Christmas.  I brought home two large Tupperware bins full of gifts.  Whoa, that's a little redonkulous.

They're both really good at playing games or doing crafts, or whatever it is that the kids are interested in.  I got to know Brian's kids better and you guys loved meeting and playing with new cousins.

Jonas LOVED having someone who was willing to play chess or any other kind of board/strategy game with him.  Between Brian and his 15 year old son, Daniel, Jonas was a happy camper.

On our second day we got to spend some time with Aunt Markelle and her little cuties.  We went to a petting zoo and everyone was in Heaven except Jonas.  I may have forced him to pet a Llama.  There may have been tears involved.

Oh, how I wish we lived closer to this Utah family of ours.  It was so good spending time with them.  Before we knew it, three days had past and it was time to say good-bye.

I managed to squeeze a few more drops of fun out on the way home though.
Love, Mama Llama

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