two boys and a pickup truck

April 13, 2013

Dear Atticus and Jonas,
     Somewhere along the route home I spotted a sa-weet photo opp.  I just had to flip a U and go back to it.  I mean come on, would you be able to pass this run down, chipped wood, rusted up, red and turquoise beauty?  I think not.

You guys were really happy to stop, as evidenced by the following photo:

I told you the sooner you smiled, the sooner we'd be done.  Key the cheesiness:

I never could get a good picture of the two of you, but the middle picture below might be my favorite because it's classic Jonas.

Of course Atticus was willing to smile once he was the only one in the spotlight.  Mr. Ford and company, are you seeing this?  Feel free to send me the royalties from this classic picture of an all American little boy sitting on a Ford pick-up truck at a farm in Utah.

Just look at that face.  I can hardly stand the cuteness.

I sure love my boys,

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