The ride home

April 12, 2013

Dear Children,
On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again...  Okay, not really, but wow!  Look at this scenery.  The southwest is BEAUTIFUL... expansive skys, red cliffs, plateaus, arches...

I like to squeeze as much out of a vacation as I can.  On the ride home from our Utah trip we stopped at the sand dunes in Moab.  I always wanted to stop there, but no one ever would!  Wah!  Time to take matters into my own hands as the mom and the driver.

The sand felt incredible and we relished every moment.  Oh, how I love these children of mine!

After our time at the sand dunes we were back on the road, but only for a little while before we stopped again.  This time it was to say hello to Grandma and Grandpa Randall.  It was just our luck that Grandma was going out to feed the chickens and gather eggs when we arrived so we joined in the fun.

The kids soon noticed that one of the chickens was getting pecked to death and it had a large open and oozing wound on its back.  Grandma set to work doctoring it up and enlisted Jonas' help.  Jonas, you like to admire animals from afar, but if you ever have to touch one or have them touch you, that makes you extremely uncomfortable.  Grandma, being a no nonsense, get it done, not intimidated by anything kind of lady was a bit troubled (and amused) by your nervousness.

Here she is laughing, but firmly telling you not to worry about a thing.  

And here she is after getting frustrated with you and telling you to stop being afraid and just hold the darn chicken.

You did it!  That's a fine looking patch job ya did there, Dr. Foutz.  Way to go.

Until our next adventure, 

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